What is uPVC?

What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for unPlasticised Polyvinyl Chloride.  The main elements of PVC are salt and oil.  Standard PVC is used for many applications including food packaging and flooring. uPVC doesn’t have plastisers added which makes it more rigid and hence the ‘U’ (unplastised) in uPVC.  As a rigid compound it is perfect for construction purposes as it is very strong and durable but also light weight.  It is a common misconception that uPVC is not environmentally friendly – it is, it is fully recyclable and over 300,00 tonnes of it is recycled throughout Europe each year.  It can be recycled into new windows and doors or go on to be made into 2nd and 3rd life applications.

Why consider uPVC windows?

uPVC windows have been available for a long time but even if you already have them, it may be time to consider replacing them. Our new uPVC windows offer excellent thermal values and improve the heat loss and retention to your home.  It was only in 2004 that it was a requirement to put energy rated glass into a uPVC product, meaning a standard float glass would have been used which, whilst better than single glazing, doesn’t offer the same u values as our current windows. With the introduction of warm edge spacer technology, Low E glass and Argon gas to the cavity, our current Evolution Storm casements offer an energy rating of A+13.  Warm edge spacer replaces the old aluminium spacer bars, the new spacer contains no metal and therefore prevents the cold from outside being conducted and transferring to the inside and preventing condensation on the inside of windows when the weather is cold.

The majority of uPVC products manufactured in the early days are also externally beaded which pose a security risk.  Today, our products are internally beaded and instead of the old rubber gaskets which shrink with age, our new windows have nylon gaskets do not shrink and are integrated into the bead to give a neater finish.

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