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At Cherwell, we specialise in delivering top-tier architectural glazing solutions, working closely with the EU’s leading manufacturers. Our extensive range includes energy-efficient aluminium clad timber, aluminium, uPVC, wooden, and timber alternative windows and doors, along with a variety of sleek and functional designs, such as bi-folding, sliding, and lift-and-slide doors. Partner with us, and let’s bring your dream project to life.

2022 Building Regulations Impact

Building Regulations Part L: Enhancing Insulation

The recent changes in Building Regulations Part L emphasise the need for superior insulation through lowered U-values for windows and doors. Cherwell’s offerings align seamlessly with these regulations, ensuring that your architectural projects meet the latest standards. With a focus on reducing heat loss, our products prioritise optimal insulation, making your space more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Building Regulations Part F: Ensuring Ventilation

Our commitment to compliance extends to Building Regulations Part F, emphasising the importance of proper ventilation. By providing a constant flow of clean and fresh air, our products help your living environment by reducing issues like moisture, condensation, and mould. When working with Cherwell, rest assured that your ventilation needs are taken care of to ensure a comfortable and healthy living space.

The Future Homes Standard 2025

The upcoming Future Homes Standard, expected to take effect in 2025, will have a profound impact on the glazing choices for your windows and doors. As the industry prepares for these changes, it is crucial to consider the following:

Energy Efficiency Requirements

To meet the Future Homes Standard’s ambitious goal of carbon neutrality, windows will need to meet even more stringent energy efficiency requirements. This will involve utilising advanced technologies like triple glazing, ensuring airtightness, and implementing effective ventilation to reduce the overall carbon footprint.

Impact on the Glazing Industry

Anticipate significant shifts in the glazing industry as manufacturers strive to develop more energy-efficient windows in compliance with the upcoming standard. Cherwell remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of these changes, offering innovative solutions that meet the evolving demands of the glazing industry.

FENSA Membership and Quality Assurance

Cherwell proudly operates under the FENSA scheme, ensuring a high level of service and quality assurance for our customers. As part of FENSA, we provide a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, granting you peace of mind in the event of any installation issues. If your project is requiring glazing into a new build home or dwelling please note this would be covered under your building control application and wouldn’t fall under the FENSA scheme as this is purely for the replacement market.

Explore our wide range of energy-efficient windows and doors, designed to meet the latest Building Regulations requirements and to prepare you for the upcoming Future Homes Standard. Contact us for any inquiries or assistance in navigating the changes to Building Regulations and the upcoming 2025 standards.

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Windows and doors are a big purchase, so making time to get it right is important. We think there’s no replacement for seeing windows and doors ‘in the flesh’, opening and closing them and picking out the fine detailing that brings the all-important finishing touches to your project.  

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