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Windows, Front Doors and Large Sliding Doors

Internorm is an Austrian manufacturer of high-performance windows, front doors and large sliding doors. Their range includes the best performing energy efficient window and doors on the market.

Each products is made to your exact specification and installed by a team of highly trained installers.

Their windows are available in four different design styles, depending on your taste;

  • Home pure – for a modern and straight-lined world, perfect for bright living environments

  • Home softfeels friendly and cosy whilst offering many design varieties

  • AmbienteClassic shapes and traditional designs

  • StudioA flush, contemporary and angular for the clean living enthusiast.

Internorm key features

Whether you’re creating a self-build home or you specify windows, Internorm are the perfect high performance windows. Their key features includes;

  • Passive House certified
  • Triple glazing
  • Thermally broken windows
  • Integrated blinds – controlled via remote and iPad.
  • Noise Reduction
  • In-frame ventilation systems providing you with a climate controlled system whatever the weather.

Passive House

The window in a passive house plays a prominent role in two ways. Firstly, despite large glass surfaces, the heat loss can be reduced and secondly, windows increase the possibility for heat gain through solar energy.

As a result, our highly thermally insulated windows do this exceptionally well, achieving Ug values of up to 0.4 W/m2K.


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Thermally Broken windows

The term thermally broken simply refers to how the window is constructed.

During the manufacturing process, the aluminium frame window is made with a barrier in between the inside and outside window frames that will prevent the conductive thermal energy loss.

Standard aluminium is a good thermal conductor, therefore you can lose or gain a great deal of heat through the frame of the window/door.

By adding a thermal break into the frame, you increase the thermal efficiency of the window. Thermal break technology features a reinforced polyamide bar between the inside and outside aluminium profiles, creating an insulated barrier within the window frame. As a result, this will conduct heat, cold and noise a thousand times slower than standard aluminium.

iPad controlled integrated blinds

If you like your technology and want to control your blinds and ventilation via remote control or your iPad, then Internorm windows are the perfect fit for you.

Noise Reduction

Through their innovative I-tec glazing, Internorm windows offer maximum thermal and noise insulation throughout the year. When combined with all round fitted glass panes, which leaves as fewer gaps as possible between your glazing and window frames, you can be assured of a warm and efficient home wherever you live.

Internorm’s aluminium and UPVC windows also feature I-tec insulation, which introduces granular insulation to the chambers throughout the window frames to offer gapless insulation. This helps towards stopping any unnecessary loss of heat through the metal frame of your windows.


For over eight decades, Internorm have gained a reputation for their iconic design and their products ability to integrate with almost any architectural styles.

Through their Studio, Home Pure, Home Soft and Ambiente styles, the Austrian manufacturer offers both frameless and classic options.

Your ability to get a truly bespoke window does not end there, as there are many different handles and a vast array of colour options on offer for both the inside and outside view of your windows.

We invite you to visit one our showrooms, to experience our Internorm products for yourself. We are located in; Banbury, Oxfordshire and Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

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