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aluminium clad composite windows

Aluminium clad windows

Aluminium clad windows feature a durable aluminium exterior covering that provides enhanced weather resistance and low maintenance, while offering the total appeal of aluminium frames.

Internorm, Rationel and Velfac, are pioneers of multi-material window and door design. Combining the warmth of timber with the structural integrity of aluminium or thermal performance and low maintenance qualities of uPVC, aluminium-clad windows bring a Scandinavian-inspired and highly architectural aesthetic to your project or home.

Timber aluminium composite windows

Elevate your space with our composite timber aluminium windows collection, where natural elements meet modern design. Crafted with a seamless integration of timber and aluminium, each window represents a blend of tradition and innovation. Experience functionality along with contemporary elegance, as every window is crafted with precision and care. Enhance your project or home with the beauty and structural strength of our composite timber aluminium windows.

uPVC aluminium composite windows

Discover the perfect marriage of performance and style with our uPVC Aluminium Composite Windows. Designed to combine the thermal efficiency and low maintenance qualities of uPVC with the structural integrity and sleek visuals of aluminium, these windows offer functionality and durability. Whether for your project or home, experience the beauty and modern appeal of our uPVC Aluminium Windows, ensuring a comfortable living environment for years to come.

Internorm aluminium-clad windows
Rationel aluminium-clad windows
Velfac aluminium-clad windows

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