Mother’s Day Gifts for the Interior Design Lover

Interior design treasures

Whether your mum is a corporate heavyweight continuing to work 12-hour shifts in the office or a stay-at-home domestic goddess, you can be certain that she has a deep love for her home. Yet, every Mother’s Day both sons and daughters gift their mother with a typical gift voucher or perfume. At Cherwell, however, we believe a quicker and more heartfelt way to a mother’s heart is through some interior design treasures.

In this article, our team explore three gifts for the mother with a love for interior design. These gifts range in price and include candles, cushions and more. Whichever you choose, you can be assured that your mother will be left delighted on March 26th.

Fragrant Candles

Whether it be a fragrant Yankee candle or beautifully packaged Diptyque candle, there are few mothers who don’t love the warm glow of a candle on a cold winters night. What’s more, with a little persistence you can find a candle that matches perfectly the personality of the individual you’re gifting.

If looking to add a little colour to your mother’s lounge, House of Fraser’s Linea Jar Candle range is certain to delight. These reasonably priced candles provide a subtle yet enlightening scent whilst also providing a glimpse of Moroccan style.

For those looking for a more simplistic design, Selfridge’s range of exclusive Tom Dixon candles is worth considering. They are available in a copper, silver and gold variety and each features the scent of rose petals, cinnamon sticks and herbs.