Timber vs. Timber Alternative Doors: Which Are Best?

Timber or Timber Alternative Doors: which are best?

Gone are the days when Cherwell was known only for its high-quality bespoke windows. We now enjoy a strong reputation across Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties for a whole range of custom products, from our trademark windows to beautifully-designed conservatories and striking orangeries. We also offer a wide range of hand-crafted doors, each made to suit you and your home, whatever your preferences and budget.

So what kinds of door do we offer, and which ones are right for you?


The classic choice, our timber doors are hand-made from the finest materials to ensure a beautifully finished product, whether you are looking for a traditional door design or one with more contemporary character. And because every one of our doors is handmade, you can be certain they’re tailored to your specific requirements, bringing timeless quality to any type of property.

There are any number of reasons why you might choose a timber door:

Aesthetically, it’s hard to beat the conventional appeal of well-crafted, sturdy timber, evoking associations of Britain’s heritage and the great houses of old.

Functionally, timber offers a flexibility in door design that other materials find hard to match. Manufacturing our timber products is innately flexible, as timber can be shaped and moulded to suit each individual project. The size, shape and configuration of every timber component are equally flexible, and the detail of assembly can easily accommodate glass of different thickness, or walls of different types.

As with all of our timber products, our timber entrance doors can be personalised with a range of colours and finishes. Be spoilt for choice as you browse our colour options and choose from our range of finishes, including matte, gloss, satin or a natural-looking finish.

Timber alternative

Timber alternative doors are incredibly versatile. More contemporary designs can add a modern look to your home, really bringing the front of your house to twenty-first century life. For those with traditional tastes, you can still opt for a timber finish, preserving a classic look to your home while enjoying all the functional benefits of composite doors:

Our timber alternative doors are incredibly durable and long-lived, granting the the strength and security your family and home deserves without impacting on design, style or versatility.

For those with frequently adverse weather, our storm proof door ranges have been built to withstand even heavy rainfall and storms, offering high levels of resistance while being virtually maintenance free. Traditional timber needs looking after in order to preserve its integrity – not so with our stormproof doors. A simple wipe with a damp cloth from time to time is all your new door needs to keep it looking it’s best for many years to come.

Universal finishes

Whether you opt for a timber or timber alternative door, each project is professionally measured and built to fit your doorway, ensuring a seamless on-site installation experience.

Multi-point locking systems are provided as standard with all of our doors, ensuring your door is both beautiful and functional, while the latest advancements in energy-saving glass will help keep your energy costs low.

When it comes to deciding between timber or timber alternative doors, there’s no clear winner. Timber doors are the traditional choice, but if you’re not concerned about authenticity, timber alternative doors can be designed in much the same way, with the added bonus of composite strength and longevity.

Whichever you choose, timber or timber alternative doors, a new door can transform your room, complementing existing designs and adding more light, colour and character to your home.

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