Are Timber Windows As Efficient As UPVC Or Aluminium?

At Cherwell UK you’re spoilt for choice. We pride ourselves on our generous range of window styles and manufacturing materials, from the luxury to the practical and everything in between.

Leading the forefront, we have timber, UPVC and aluminium frames. We’re experts with all of these materials, but each of them comes with their own properties, making them more efficient than the others in certain areas.

So where do they excel, and are timber windows as efficient as upvc or aluminium and which is the right window for you?

Timber windows

The classic choice, timber windows resonate with timeless elegance. Add a touch of the traditional to your new home or reinforce your already authentic property with our made-to-measure, master-crafted designs.

There’s a reason timber has been used in manufacture for thousands of years; strong, durable and naturally sourced, it’s the perfect sustainable material, capable of weathering our fine climate as readily as it protects your home.

Expertly crafted and inherently British, our Timber Windows represent a secure, quality choice for any home.

Available in a large range of varnishes, protective glazes and finishes.

Timber vs. UPVC

When it comes to versatility, it’s hard to match our UPVC Windows.  More practical, maintenance-free and cost-effective than timber, UPVC is the way forward if authentic timber isn’t your thing.

UPVC is less expensive to manufacture than traditional timber, meaning your windows are a third of the price. And because the material is so versatile, we can design windows in a huge range of made-to-measure styles, from from your standard casement to vertical slider, Georgian astrical bars to arched-head frames, front doors to bi-folding doors.

Inexpensive, secure and available in a wide variety of custom designs, our UPVC Windows are suitable for everywhere from your home to your office to your new commercial space.

Choose UPVC for affordable, flexible window designs.

Timber vs. aluminium

If your priorities are style and beauty, strongly consider an aluminium window.  The strength of aluminium means we can manufacture much slimmer frames, opening up your windows and the rooms behind them to natural light and space.

Aluminium’s strength means these windows also confirm to all Building Regulations requirements for new build, replacement and refurbishment projects. Maintain the pace of your new build with strong, secure aluminium frames.

High quality 28mm sealed units and polyamide thermal break technology makes these our most energy-efficient windows, keeping your home warm, your bills down and your family comfortable all year round.

For more beautiful windows and brighter homes, our Aluminium Windows are the only contemporary choice.

The choice is yours

Efficiency is a broad term, dependent on a number of factors. This makes it difficult to properly compare timber to UPVC and aluminium windows. Certainly timber is the most sustainable, but UPVC is a much cheaper and more versatile option, while aluminium has excellent energy-efficient qualities.

Ultimately, are timber windows as efficient as upvc or aluminium – that depends on what you are gauging them against. For the best answer, give us a call at the number below and chat to us about your priorities. Whether it’s cost, sustainability, securing or more, we’re sure we have the materials to meet your window needs.