The Benefits of Natural Sunlight In Your Home

The physical and psychological benefits of appropriate amounts of natural sunlight are now undisputed. There are too many positive aspects of natural light to overlook. The question is no longer are the sun’s rays healthy but rather how to get as much of that healthy natural light into the residence so that all kinds of good things can happen.

5 Benefits of a Home Filled With Natural Sunlight

UK winters do not have to be gloomy. Summer does not have to be too bright and Spring and Autumn can be perfect. Plants can grow year round and your family will be safer and healthier if your home is designed or improved to increase the amount of natural sunlight that beams into your home. Here are 5 distinct benefits of increasing the amount of natural sunlight in your home:

Increased sustainability

Natural lighting is a magnificent benefit provided by nature. Anything that reduces the burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity is a benefit to the environment. By increasing our home’s exposure to the sun with modern, thermal, energy efficient windows and doors, creates a healthier, happier, more comfortable and more sustainable home.

Natural sunlight is healthy

Natural lighting will reduce the production of harmful bacteria and organisms that can grow in any house. Sunlight is recognised as a natural disinfectant. Just a few of its benefits include:

  • Increase in vitamins B and D
  • Sunlight has recognised healing powers
  • Natural light is terrific for a healthy complexion.
  • Ultraviolet rays in the sun are naturally antiseptic.
  • Sunlight stimulates appetite and improves digestion.
  • Sunlight improves circulation.
  • Natural sun increases red blood cells.
  • Sunlight boosts your immune system.
  • Natural light boosts white blood cell counts.
  • Natural light increases endorphins and serotonin.
  • Daytime sun helps persons sleep better at night.
  • Sunlight helps to balance the body’s hormones.
  • Natural sun boosts energy and strengthens organs.

There are many other benefits to natural sunlight including being able to help you grow and maintain beautiful plants in your home.

Steps You Can Take To Increase Natural Light in Your Home

The chances are good that if you commit to increasing your home’s intake of natural light, there are actions you can do immediately to enjoy more natural sunlight. These are immediate actions. There are also more permanent actions you can take to increase intake of the sun’s rays.

  • Pull the curtains back and open the shades during the day.
  • Avoid placing thick and dark furniture near the window.
  • Use light colours in your interior design scheme.
  • Use white trim around your windows.
  • Wall mirrors across from windows will diffuse rays through the room.
  • Convert solid exterior doors with window doors.
  • Add a new window that is energy efficient. These are especially effective on south walls.
  • Convert existing, but dated, windows with new, thermal windows.
  • Investigate all aspects of passive solar heating.
  • Add new, energy efficient, thermal bi-fold glass doors to make a tired room look bright and lively. Enjoy the outdoors and surprising warmth these doors can generate. These doors are excellent for passive solar heating.
  • Research the possibility off popular tubular skylights. Unlike regular skylights, which can be expensive and can be subject to drainage issues, tubular skylights are relatively inexpensive and are air-tight. Tubular skylights draw light into a tube about a half-metre wide, and funnel that light into a room. This product requires minor installation and yields great benefits.
  • If you have a clay roof, consider a “solar tile” or a product known as the bottle skylight. These are very cost-effective renovations that can be added to any residence.


Natural sunlight will make your residence feel healthier, safer and more comfortable. From an interior design standpoint, the lighter, brighter the room is, the more comfortable it is. When the sun is at its peak, today’s shades can block the sun and keep the heat out.

In the UK, the sun’s natural rays are a treasured commodity much of the year. We can all benefit from this wonderful natural resource. Let the sun into your life and into your home and you will reap the benefits in many, many ways.