Home Automation

Automated smart home system

Many phrases are being thrown around at the moment, ‘smart home’, ‘home automation’, ‘smart home technology’, ‘automated home’ etc. In reality, aren’t they all the same thing?

The answer is no.

Smart technology allows you to automate your lights, security camera, home cinema, heating systems and shout things at Alexa/Google/Siri. Whereas an automated smart home system is much more.

A ‘Smart Home’ is a building where essential services such as lighting, heating and security are managed intelligently using an electronic system. Because the building knows how and when you use these services, it can optimise them for you. This saves energy and makes the home more luxurious and comfortable.

At Cherwell Windows, we have partnered with Visual Control Systems.

A Visual Control Systems automated smart home

This system has been designed and built to allow your home to harmoniously regulate your home with nature and ensure it stays at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

It does this with external smart blinds, window vents and the heating system. It never lets it get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

It also ensures you only use lights where required whilst keeping security as tight as possible. At the end of the day, you can relax and put the whole house to sleep with 3 taps of the control pad. If you’re not near home, you can monitor all this from afar with the app.

Home Integration

Smart lights

The benefit of installing smart lights on your property means that you only light the area required, rather than the whole room. As you move throughout the property, each area will light up automatically, allowing a seamless transition from room to room.

Integrated window blinds

The system also controls integrated window blinds, allowing you to raise and lower them all at once or individually.

Media Systems

The media and home cinema system can also be controlled, allowing you to play multiple media in different rooms or all the same.


Once you are done for the day, there is no need to walk around and switch off the lights in every room and the TV, you simply tap on the control pad three times and it puts the system in night mode.

Night mode will set the alarm for you and lock the doors and make sure all the blinds are down.

Should you need to get up in the night, motion sensors will detect movement and light up a path to the bathroom, ensuring you don’t have to wake the rest of the house with the main lights going on.

Good Morning

When it’s time to wake up you can set the system to wake you up naturally by gradually opening the blinds and the louvres.

Of course, you don’t have to do this, you can still use an alarm clock, and when you’re ready to see the natural light, simply tap on your control pad and your house will wake up – blinds up, louvres up, media on etc.

Should you wish to know more or have a demonstration, please don’t hesitate to contact Cherwell Windows or Visual Control Systems for more information.