The Pros and Cons of Double Glazing Windows

Throughout the past decade double glazing has become a familiar sight on homes across Oxfordshire and the UK as a whole. They allow households to cut their utility bills and lessen noise pollution. This is of increasing importance as energy costs continue to rise and families make the move into noisier cities.

Within this article we’ll explore the pros and cons of double glazing and whether you should make the switch, allowing you to make an educated decision when deciding which windows to have fitted on your house in the future.

The Pros of Double Glazing

There are two obvious pros to double glazing when compared to traditional windows. Due to the extra pane of glass, double glazed windows reduce the amount of heat able to escape. Similarly, they reduce the amount of cold air able to seep into your home. They do this in much the same way as a cavity wall or loft insulation – by trapping air. This air is a poor conductor, so therefore reduces the rate at which heat is lost through the window. This air doesn’t circulate and therefore prevents heat from transferring by a convection current. As a result, homes which have double glazed windows often benefit from reduced utility bills.

Double glazing also allows for better noise insulation, reducing the amount of noise making its way into your home, something which is particularly important for families moving into cities or suburbs. This reduced noise is brought about simply by the additional number of glass panes.

In recent years the British Fenestration Rating Council, which regulates the energy efficiently of windows, has tightened its grip on what windows can be installed on your property. The current regulations dictate that any new build property must have a U-value of no higher than 1.6. While the BFRC do monitor the replacement of windows, the restrictions vary based upon the building itself and its location.

As a result of these regulations it is necessary to consider double or triple glazing windows when developing a new property. It’s also a worthwhile investment for owners of older properties, as the additional efficiency often increases the value of the property.

However, when choosing double glazing windows for your home always take care of which supplier you choose. Newer double glazing technology is much more efficient than previous forms. Low emissivity coatings and the use of gas in the cavity will increase the U-value and therefore reduce the amount of heat escaping further.

The Cons of Double Glazing

While double glazing has a variety of benefits, there are also some downsides that you should be aware off. The first of these is the price. When compared to traditional windows, double glazing can require a considerable investment. The price is entirely dependent upon the style of glass and frame.

Unlike traditional windows, however, double glazing will cut your utility bills for years to come. Dependent upon the size of your property and the form of double glazing fitted, you may save hundreds of pounds per annum.

On the occasion that your windows are damaged, further investment will likely be required. If your windows are not airtight you may find that condensation forms between the two panes of glass. Due to the nature of double glazed windows you may be required to replace these windows entirely. Although, this is an unlikely occurrence if you choose a qualified installation company.

It’s clear that the pros of double glazed windows outweigh the cons. However, before fitting new windows throughout your property we always recommend that you carry out extensive research. You must consider the financial implication of installing double glazed windows and whether the savings will justify the initial investment. You must also speak to a variety of suppliers and installation companies. A local company with decades of experience is always recommended. Those that provide independent warranties should also be favoured.

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