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New software for a new era!

New software for a new era!

Cherwell Windows has proudly partnered with Business Pilot to run their state-of-the-art CRM software.

At Cherwell Windows we pride ourselves on our customer service and putting them first. It is imperative to we understand their needs and only sell them products that will meet their needs. Customer satisfaction is what drives us.

As part of the company growth we recognised the need for a new CRM that would help improve our customer experience and continue to put them at the heart of the business.

When searching for new software to manage our customer database, we reviewed all sorts of software that would be able to handle all aspects of our business, from acquisition, to processing and installation as well as any service issues that arise.

Whilst there were many off-the-shelve software packages that did individual elements well, there were none that were the complete package, until we discovered Business Pilot.

The Business Pilot software was designed and built by people who work in the windows and doors industry and understood our needs. It’s user-experience is very intuitive, allowing you to easily capture a customer’s information, before converting it into a lead and marking it as sold.

Great internal functionality

Not only does it easily handle the customer side of the software, it also has a very comprehensive internal side, with company diary and installation schedules as well as all the sales and reporting information you’d expect from a comprehensive CRM.

Naturally, it is cloud based so the whole team can access it from anywhere and know what is happening and convert enquiries and leads on the go. Our sales team can also see the survey and installation schedules, allowing them to reserve slots whilst they are with their customers.

Overall the software has helped our business grow and it continues to help us recognise further opportunities to improve both the business and customer experience.

To find out more about Business Pilot, contact Ryan Breslin to find out more.