How to choose the right windows and doors

How do you know what windows and doors are right for your project?

Cherwell Windows recently attended the first virtual Homebuilding and Renovating show. Whilst it wasn’t like being there in person and meeting all the different people and discussing their projects, it did give us a chance to introduce the Cherwell brand to the world.

Our Internorm specialist, James Munro, held a masterclass where he spoke on the importance of choosing a good windows and doors supplier for your project.

Not only that but where do you start once you’ve chosen your window supplier? How do you know which window is right for you?

We wanted to share this video with you, as we felt it was very important, and it gives you the information you need to start your dream house project.

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Hi and welcome to today’s masterclass with Cherwell Windows of Banbury

My name is James Munro and I am the technical manager here at Cherwell Windows. We are an architectural glazing firm based out of Banbury in Oxfordshire and we work with a number of different suppliers and manufacturers to offer you architectural glazing solutions for your project

When choosing a glazing supplier or manufacturer for your project obviously there’s a number of factors and decisions to look at before making decisions or placing orders.

Primarily you want to be talking or thinking about materials do I want a timber product, an aluminium system or possibly a composite aluminium clad product.

What sort of performance am I looking for? Thermal efficiency, u-values tightness, and also the project being a refurb or a new build should be considered. Should it be a traditional type system or possibly a more contemporary aesthetic to the product? These are the kind of decisions and things you need to look at before maybe looking for quotes or contacting suppliers and manufacturers to arrange for demonstrations.


Highline bifold door

There are a number of the systems and manufacturers that we work with here at Cherwell. Here you can see the Solarlux system, which is a German manufacturer offering a range of folding door and sliding door systems as a complete range of products. They offer aluminium timber and composite fully manufactured in Germany to very high levels of quality and performance.

This is the Solarlux Highline system. It’s their benchmark aluminium product with some of the slimmest sightlines and mullion details on the market with only a 99mm sightline. It is very contemporary products and fantastic U values down to sort of passive house levels of performance. It has U values as low as 0.8 to 0.9 when triple glazed. Huge panel sizes up to 3m tall by 1.1m with great performance, great security and great build quality. Engineering that you’d expect from a quality German manufacturer.

Combiline bifold door

This is a composite in nature or manufactured timber and aluminium. You get an engineered timber system opposite offering fantastic u-values and thermal efficiency. Aluminium clad to the external. Triple glazed to standard but we can offer a double glazed specification – this may be of interest if you’re looking for zero maintenance to the external but perhaps a more traditional or softer look to the internal that you’d associate with timber systems.

It is available in a variety of different timber finishes, whether that be spruce, larch, oak, meranti in softwood and hardwood solutions. It can be painted or stained as a factory finish.

Solarlux Cero

Their sliding Cero system designed for oversized architectural solutions panel sizes up to 5m wide to 6m tall, a ton in weight and 15 sqm in size very much.

Designed and manufactured for very big openings whether it be you know two panels or 8m or up to 12 or 15m apertures offering very slim profiles of only 30mm as a perimeter and a vertical sightline. It has flush threshold details fantastic levels of thermal efficiency triple glazing not an issue with full removable corner options frameless glass to glass corners pocket details.

Solarlux Cero product has the option of a fully open movable corner as well as a fully frameless glass to glass solution so losing the need for a post detail in the corner as long as you’ve got support or a post or a cantilever.

The doors can also offer pocket details where the door can slide away into a cavity or a pocket giving you a completely open solution without any sort of doors or sliding panels obstructing that aperture.

Internorm by Cherwell

The Internorm system is an Austrian manufacturer established for 90 years manufacturing supplying us with high-performance window, entrance doors and sliding door systems essentially focused around triple glazing. It has extremely low u-values, fantastic levels of airtightness and thermal efficiency.

As it is a European manufacturer, essentially all their systems are open in tilt and turn. The benchmark product with Internorm is their HF410 timber and aluminium composite system.

This is a timber structure engineered for strength and performance, aluminium clad to the external field, zero maintenance and triple glazed as standard for fantastic levels of thermal efficiency. It has passive house u-values and incredible airtightness.

It is a tilt and turn product. Your tilt is your ventilation all year round and a turn for higher levels of ventilation or fire egress and cleaning as you can see. It is aluminium clad to the outside for zero maintenance nice contemporary profile on this particular product.

They do offer more traditional profiles if you’re you know looking at a refurb or possibly more of a traditional build. This particular system is oak internally and they can offer a range of different timbers – whether that be spruce, larch, oak, walnut and also can be painted in any RAL colour.

Sliding Door System

Whilst Internorm doesn’t offer a bifold or a folding door solution, they can offer a sliding door product. This particular system is timber aluminium, aluminium clad over an oak timber triple glazed and giving great u-values and efficiency and airtightness.

It’s a lift and slide product – you lift the handle to raise the door sash up onto wheels to operate for a nice smooth mechanism taking up to 600 kilograms. Panel size is as wide as 3m.

Internorm has a great range of innovations and solutions for solar shading and security and smart home integration.

The integrated blind systems that the internal muffler can be seen in this particular product but it’s a fully integrated line between the external panel glass and the internal sealed unit. This can be manually operated or automated from the factory as well as fully integrated within a smart home setup.


If you’re looking for an all aluminium product manufacturer in the UK with super quick lead times, Origin Global offer folding doors, sliding systems, and standard window profiles. A quick demo on their two window systems. This is the OW80 as origin call it and an OW70.

Not masses of difference between the two. OW80 is their standard premium products, slightly more thermally efficient and a few more offerings as far as versatility, including gable frames and coupling details.

They also offer a slimline if you’re looking for a super minimal profile, then that may be the OW70 product. It’s not quite as slimline as firmly efficient as the 80 but giving you that slimmer profile that a lot of people are craving on their projects.

Origin Sliding Doors

They have 3 systems – an OS20, OS44 and OS77. Those numbers reference the sightline or the profile of the system. The OS20 is their more premium offering with a 20mm sightline, super minimal and then you’ve got the OS77 product. It is a slightly heavier system but a little bit more competitive and affordable depending on what might suit the budget for your project. Then you’ve got the OS44 in the middle. All the system sliding door systems from origin offer similar levels of thermal performance. Everything can have a flush threshold detail and available in the choice of up to 250 RAL colours.

Origin Bifold doors

We also have a folding door system from Origin. This is their OB49 product all aluminium folding door, nice slim sightlines 120mm across the vertical. Their contemporary profiles, you’ve got 2 products options for their folding door, an OB72 and an OB49.

The OB49 being the slimmer of the two. We’ve got this in a black rail as you can see here with a very on-trend heritage sort of steel look appearance.