Timber Windows

Timber windows can completely transform a home inside and out. Their elegance and solidity add a touch of class, as well as providing a sense of security. Our timber is sustainably sourced and naturally renewable and creates a solid, yet beautiful structure for your home.

Timber Styles

Strong, yet explicitly sophisticated, timber or wooden windows are available in a wide range of styles including storm, sash, bay, flush, and casement. They are in a variety of styles to compliment any type of property, from traditional to contemporary, or classic to modern and in dual-colours. We recommend visiting one of our showrooms in Banbury, Beaconfields and Henley to see our range.

Sliding sash windows

Vertical sliding sash windows are constructed in either traditional or contemporary styles, using lead weights and pulleys, or spiral balances. Although traditional in appearance, both are made using modern techniques with a range of ironmongery to suit.

Visit our showrooms Banbury, Beaconsfield and Henley to experience the product.

Flush windows

Flush windows are set into the frame and are flush on the outside and Cherwell Windows have developed a new design that has a double weatherseal.

They have the same security features as the stormproof windows but can also have traditional butt hinges with casement stays.

Flush windows can be made in your chosen design.

Timber Stormproof Windows

Stormproof windows

Our stormproof windows are rebated or lipped onto the window frame and incorporate a double weatherseal.

To ensure our windows are secure, all of them have multi-point locking systems on their handles with modern stainless steel friction hinges. Stormproof windows can be made in any style and come complete in your chosen stain or paint finish.

Master craftsmen

Cherwell Windows seek the expertise of Master Craftsmen to create your timber windows, whether these be casement or sash windows, and install them to the highest of standards. Timber windows exude style while also providing the benefits of warmth, warp resistance, security and weathering, and modern glazing performance.

Cherwell Windows host a wide range of styles of both hard wood and soft wood timber windows, all of which will compliment your home and its charisma, safeguarding your life, and still remaining simply stunning.

All our windows are manufactured in the UK using traditional methods in tandem with modern technology. All our wood is FSC certified, responsibly sourced which results in the product being both beautiful and strong.

Our windows come with:

  • 30 year infection guarantee
  • 10 year installation guarantee
  • and are sprayed using Microporus paint, with an eight year guarantee


Are Timber Windows as efficient as uPVC or Aluminium?

Although timber windows may look and feel traditional, they are crafted using modern design and build techniques making them a very formidable opponent to the latest window materials.


How often should timber windows be painted?

There are many factors that dictate how often your timber windows should be painted and to help you through it, we’ve put together a handy guide.


How to maintain timber windows?

There are a number of different coatings and resins that need to be applied to timber windows throughout the year to maintain their health.