Timber Alternative Sash Windows

Our timber alternative sash windows are uPVC windows that have been foil wrapped to look like timber windows. They are available in three styles; Symphony, Harmony, and Melody

Bygone produce windows which feature traditional authentic sash features, utilising modern materials to create windows of the highest quality. Our alternative sash windows are energy efficient, extremely secure and built to last, on top of looking fantastic. The Bygone Collection is one of the UK’s leading sash window brand names and all of our windows are fully certified, installed to the highest standards and guaranteed for 12 years.

Timber alternative sash windows


  • Wood grain textured acrylic foil on all profiles
  • Every corner has a traditional, vertical and sealed, “butt jointed” construction, providing the perfect appearance
  • Our exclusive ‘Super-Slim’ 39mm external Transom, a ‘Bygone only’ feature
  • WER “A rated” with slim line 16mm sealed units, containing Krypton gas allow deeper internal Georgian bars and glazing beads, whilst chamfered external bars provide the traditional ‘putty-line’ glazed appearance
  • Steel reinforced sashes and added security from the porcelain ball designed, stainless steel clawed cam catches, means Symphony is fully “secured by design”
Timber alternative sash windows

Harmony Features

Our Harmony collection features:

  • Slender sealed units with extra deep bar and bead
  • Mitred joints but with authentic horns and deep bottom rail
  • Colour suited locks and recessed limit stops

Melody Features

  • Standard glazing bar and bead
  • Mitred corner joints, white foil or gloss
  • Colour suited locks and recessed limit stops
Traditional Appearance
  • Slim sight-lines through both the upper and lower sashes maximise the visible glass area.
  • Equal panes in both sashes creates a balanced appearance consistent with original timber sash windows.
  • External staff bead & internal staff bead trim are authentic features developed to replicate the appearance of an original timber box frame window.
  • Continuous run-through sash horns utilised by the Victorians and synonymous with sash windows.
  • Traditional Timberweld® butt joints and bespoke sash sections ensure that the appearance is appropriate, rather than four sections of the same welded together.
  • Patented Timberweld® technology available on foiled windows ensures that joints are completely sealed from the elements with no open chambers to harbour insects whilst looking every bit like a timber original.
  • Chamfered ‘Putty line’ sashes are included on the outside of every Bygone window to replicate original Victorian and Georgian sash timber windows. To enhance authenticity, internal glazing beads are, by contrast, ovolo shaped.
  • Super slim 39mm meeting rail as seen on so many Georgian properties.
  • Traditional deep bottom rail as standard which is sympathetic to original timber designs.
  • Exclusive 56 mm deep cill for added authenticity
  • Georgian Bars are faced fixed, authentically creating the depth and shadow lines of original timber muntin bars. Our patented Georgi®Clip ensures bars stay firmly attached for the lifetime of the glass unit.
  • Slim integral mullion for multi-light windows, measures just 99 mm across the front face and is available on the Symphony and Harmony range.
  • Wood grain effect offered in a variety of colours which are extremely low maintenance and durable. These wood-foil finishes make the window hard to distinguish from a timber window and are therefore highly recommended for Conservation Areas.
  • A Patented infill strip hides 50% of the visible brush pile on the inside of the window making it aesthetically more appealing and easier to slide. The remaining brush pile can be hidden behind the internal staff bead trim.
  • Bespoke cam catches in three different designs and all furniture whether in antique brass, pewter, chrome, satin chrome or black are colour suited beautifully.
  • Thin 18 mm sealed units allows for even deeper Georgian bar and glazing beads which improves the look of the sashes still further.
  • 24mm option available.
  • Colour matching to all leading brand paint suppliers including Farrow & Ball.
  • Clear lacquer is applied on all paint finishes, regardless of exposure to marine or industrial environments to ensure that the risk of any visible signs of aging is reduced.
Special features
  • Nylon insert to protect Bygone catches against wear on the inside of the keep.
  • Limit Stops prevent the window opening beyond 100mm and Bygone limit stops are especially commissioned to a bespoke design to sit flush in the surface of the sash and securely screwed into the steel reinforcement. This reduces wear on brush piles and prevents draughts for years to come.
  • Balances are the mechanism that allows the windows to operate and Torso spiral balances are the best balances on the market, reducing the effort required to move the sash.
  • A pair of Tilt Restrictors ensures that each sash can be safely tilted back at the perfect angle for easy cleaning internally.
    Safety arms are fitted when the windows are too large to tilt.
  • Lift-out Pivot Bars on all Bygone windows ensure that sashes can be removed without the need to tamper with the intricate balance mechanism, should the need arise for large pieces of furniture to be lifted through the window.
  • Bespoke Cill pads on Bygone windows, seal the joints between the cill and the frame preventing water from entering the joints, even in inhospitable situations.
Security Enhancements
  • To meet PAS24/Secured by Design criteria, cam catches with stainless steel claw have been developed and are robustly secured directly into the sash using a “three screw” method.
  • On larger windows where two catches are needed, opposite handed cams are used. This unique patented feature prevents the sash being forced to either side in order to gain entry.
Extra peace of mind
  • ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency as standard.


We recommend you visit one of our showrooms to experience the product for yourself and speak with one of our experts who’ll be able to help you decide which window is right for you. Our showrooms are located in;

  • Banbury, near to Oxford, Kidlington, Brackley and Bicester.
  • Henley on Thames, near to Marlow, Wallingford, Reading and Watlington
  • Beaconsfield, near to High Wycombe, Gerrards Cross and Amersham