Turning Your Windows Into a Masterpiece

You’ve spent a small fortune introducing beautiful timber or aluminium windows into your home. Now, whilst those on the outside appreciate the beautiful aesthetic they deliver, you’re left sitting inside wondering how to add the finishing touches. Should you drape bold, patterned curtains? Should you hang blinds? Should you even introduce a window seat?

As a family run business who have installed thousands of timber, timber alternative and aluminium windows since 1986, Cherwell has a selection of brilliant techniques to turn your windows into a masterpiece of interior design. Whilst these techniques will not meet the character of every home, they are certain to inspire your effort to leave guests amazed.

Welcome the Outside In

Fabrics and metallics have been a popular choice amongst curtain and blind designers for decades. This has resulted in them being commonplace throughout homes across Britain, yet many homeowners are now looking for alternative materials to adorn their windows with that bring the outside in.

Bamboo is proving a popular choice due to its sustainable, environmentally-friendly makeup. It is also uniquely capable of working wonderfully with white coated timber window frames that struggle to stand out alongside printed curtains or blinds due to its light colouring.

For those whose windows feature a darker coating, however, basswood alternatives work brilliantly. This is because they can be easily stained and are readily available at high street retailers such as Dunelm.

Pick ‘n’ Mix

Most homeowners assume that they can only have one or the other when it comes to blinds and curtains. Although, in recent years it has proven popular to mix blinds and curtains to add an entirely new dimension to your window and room.

Placing blinds behind draped curtains is also a wonderful way to introduce bold, patterned curtains without leaving guests wide-eyed. This is as a light coloured metallic blind can help neutralise the room whilst still allowing the character of your curtains of choice shine through.

Reinventing the Blind

You needn’t use blinds or curtains to block out the sun. This is as window panels, which originate from Japan, allow you to draw attention to your new windows, cast amazing shadows over the room and provide adequate privacy.

Window panels are also the most bespoke form of window decoration, with many luxurious homes throughout Beaconsfield and Gerrards Cross introducing them in recent years. This has been made possible by a number of companies creating bespoke, laser-finished window panels.

Creating Utility

A window needn’t be just a way to let light into the home or cool it down during the summer months. They can also prove to be a brilliant utility if you introduce the right addition in the space available.

Such an addition is a window seat, something often associated with luxury homes yet surprisingly affordable and hassle-free to introduce. This is especially the case when you browse offerings from high street retailers such as Argos, who stock stand-alone window seats manufactured from wicker.

The introduction of a window seat isn’t just a utility either. It provides a wonderful location for you and your friends to sit, share stories and admire the view for hours on end. When partnered with some beautiful full-length curtains, a window seat can create a truly beautiful centre point in any lounge, bedroom or bathroom.

Go Create Your Masterpiece

Whether you’re going to hang bamboo blinds, design your own window panels or introduce a window seat; you can now create your masterpiece.

If you are, however, considering revitalising your windows entirely book an appointment. With 20% off all orders placed throughout January, there is no better time o work with Cherwell than now.