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Solarlux Installer

Make your dream living area a reality with our glass solutions.

Based in Melle, near in Osnabrück in Germany, Solarlux is a family run business with 35 years’ experience. They design and manufacture high-performance windows and doors with the ‘Made in Germany’ stamp on them.

Their product range includes wintergardens, glass canopies, folding and sliding glass doors. All of which are built to improve the quality of the home owner’s life and reinvigorate their living environment.

To become a certified Solarlux installer, our installations team have been trained by Solarlux themselves. This ensures we meet the high standards of quality expected and have to undergo regular training and testing. This includes cleaning up after ourselves, so you are free to enjoy your product straight away.

Tested to the limit

Each of our products have been tested to withstand the harshest winters and the hottest summers. As a result, our products will keep you warm in winter and not let it get too hot in the summer.

Always at the forefront of design and innovation, Solarlux was one of the first companies to design the bifold door. Thanks to this innovative design, renowned architects, such as Daniel Libeskind, Hermann Hertzberger and Sir Norman Foster, all use Solarlux folding glass doors. The different materials (all-glass, aluminium, wood or wood/aluminium) allow both them and all our customers, to have customised designs.

Cherwell are proud of our range of Solarlux products, all of which can be seen at our Banbury showroom:

The installation of Solarlux products is only carried out through authorised dealers who are specifically trained by Solarlux.

Why Solarlux?

Designed and built entirely in Germany

Solarlux pride themselves on constructing their products in Germany. They come ready-hung for installation; complete with frame, doors, glazing and ironmongery.

Each door is custom made to your size, specification and requirements, making them one of the best choices of high-performance doors on the market.

Thermal Insulation

Solarlux’s U-values range from 1.4 on our double-glazed products to 0.79 on our triple glazed products.

Class leading thermal values. This is achieved thanks to all Solarlux doors being thermally broken throughout the whole system, including the threshold. This mean our U values are based on the whole unit, not just the doors.

Security you can rely on.

All models are tested to the rigorous European RC2 standard. Our SL60 is also Secure by Design, a British standard created by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

High Performance

Solarlux doors are precision engineered to a class-leading standard. They are independently tested to 1200PA (approximately 100 mph) and remain water-tight beyond that. The SL80 has been tested to failure at 3000Pa (a typical tropical hurricane is about 2400Pa).


We provide a no questions asked Solarlux-backed 10-year warranty.


How many times are Solarlux doors tested to ensure they slide effortlessly, even after 10 years?

1000 times? No, the answer is 20,000 cycles – the equivalent of opening the doors twice a day, everyday for 27 years. Now that is quality assurance.

Passive House

The Solarlux SL97 has a U-value down to 0.79 and meets the standard for Passive House installations.