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Smart Home

What is a Real Smart Home? 

A real Smart Home simplifies life in the home and minimises the need to manually control your house. 

Who should be reading this?

If you are you an architect, developer, self-builder or just interested in Smart Homes, you should be reading this.

Why should you be interested in Smart Homes?

The home, built to provide a safe place to relax, sleep, and entertain, has undergone significant changes in recent times. A typical 21st-century house has lots of devices and appliances which, when used properly, can make life easier for its occupants, maximising their comfort and minimising their energy consumption. But this doesn’t make it a Smart Home.

A Real Smart Home is not multiple technologies run through your mobile. A product’s ability to be controlled via a smartphone does not make it a smart home, or even a smart home component. A real Smart Home means all the components working together and being controlled by a central unit without the need for human interaction.

What are the essential features that make a Smart Home in the 21st Century?

  • A central control unit, controlling:
    • Lighting
    • Room Comfort
    • Safety & Security
    • Access Control
    • Shading
    • Multimedia

In a smart home, our partners, Visual Control Systems, use a central control unit called a Miniserver, by Loxone. It turns the individual features and components into one overall unit that is harmoniously coordinate.

Sustainable architectural designer Charlie Luxton explains the benefits of a Smart Home.



The lighting in a home has the potential to influence your well-being. Our partners, Visual Control Systems, use Loxone technology to create the perfect atmosphere with lighting moods, no matter the occasion. 

In your home, your lighting always knows when it’s needed thanks to our intelligent lighting control. When you enter a room, the lights turn on automatically, taking into account the existing level of light in the room – it’ll make sure you’re never dazzled by bright light. 

With multiple configurations of light, you can choose whether you want the room brightly or subtly lite with different colours.

Room Comfort

Even before you get up in the morning, a Loxone Smart Home gets to work making sure it provides warmth on a cold winters day. Your smart room comfort system works in zones and can think and learn to optimise itself. It knows when it needs to turn on to start heating the room so that it reaches the right temperature at the right time. 

There are many ways to heat, cool, or ventilate a room, our smart system is capable of effortlessly integrating with a multitude of systems. Whether it be infrared panels, radiators, underfloor, convection heaters, electrical heaters, or HVAC… Fed from gas, oil, or a heat pump – we can integrate with them all.

Heating Functionality:

Control is simple, set the desired In Use and Not in Use temperature in each room, schedule via the app and leave it to run. The system will learn over 7 days how to efficiently and effectively get to this temperature so the room will be the right temperature at the right time. 

In certain rooms when you are nearing the end of the heating schedule but are still occupying the room, the schedule can automatically extend itself by 30 minutes to make sure you remain comfortable until you leave the room. 

If doors and windows have contacts monitored by the system, should one of these be opened within a room, it will enter frost protection mode until it is closed. This effectively turns the heating system off to prevent energy from being wasted. 

Safety & Security

A Smart Home also plays a very important role in ensuring it protects its occupants whilst they are both home and away. With its sensors, it can monitor for fire, burglary, water, frost and wind. It will alert you to any threat or danger through the app or house alarm system.

Access Control

No matter where you are in the world, you can see and grant access to your home via your mobile phone and stop any unwanted visitors too. As well as having keyless entry through code or fob for yourself and family. 

Access Control Functionality:


Video and two-way communication is achieved via an intercom at key entrances to the property. A notification is sent to all nominated tablets/smartphones when someone presses the doorbell. 

NFC Code Touch:

Access can also be granted using permanent, one-time and time-based access codes entered via the keypad. Depending on the code, this can unset the alarm; unlock the front door; and turn on lighting, if necessary. Codes can be managed by the homeowner from within the app. 

Additionally, access can be granted using encrypted NFC key fobs which can be issued as required to permanent users. 

Electronic Locking:

To provide additional functionality to the Intercom and NFC Code Touch facility, electronic locking can be provided as an option. This will allow authorised users to open these positions from within the app should the intercom be pressed or for any other required reasons. 


The Smart Home can be integrated with electric shutters, blinds, awning and Internorm I-Tec Windows (integrated blinds). They can be easily controlled via the Touch Switch or Loxone App.

Sunrise & Sunset

Features of our automated shading include the ability to programme the blinds to:

  • All shading within the house will automatically rise at sunrise and lower at sunset.
  • Shading within your bedroom will begin to rise gradually until the time of your Loxone alarm. This increases the light level within the room and start to wake you gently. 

Automatic Shading

  • A feature exists whereby the shading can track the sun around the sky and then adjust accordingly to either passively heat or cool a room as required.
  • When Automatic Shading is active your blinds respond automatically depending on the weather conditions and room temperature. If it is too warm inside, the shading automatically adjusts the angle of the blinds or closes them.
  • On activation of Good Morning Mode if the shading has not already risen it will be triggered to rise throughout the house.
  • When you trigger leaving house, the shading within the whole house will enter Automatic Shading mode. 

Multiroom Audio

With multiroom audio, you can choose whether you play the same music throughout the house, or have different music in each room. Choose relaxing music in the lounge to unwind with a glass of wine and a good book in the evening, while the children listen to an audiobook in their bedroom. 

You can play music from your own collection or services such as TuneIn Radio and Spotify. Or simply stream audio straight from your smartphone with AirPlay 2. 

Integrated functionality means the sound system will also be the audio output for the doorbell, burglar and water alarm. Playback for multiroom audio is controlled via the Touch switch in each room; enabling volume control. 

TV and Cinema

Watching TV is essential in any home. But in a Loxone Smart Home, the TV control can be simplified using a smart remote. At the press of a button, choose whether to watch terrestrial TV, Satellite, Apple TV, Blu-Ray or any other video source you desire

If you press an activity button, for example, “watch a movie”, the TV will switch to Apple TV, change the lights to a “movie” mood and close the blinds for the ultimate TV viewing experience. 

Global Features

  • Leaving the Room: 
    • A double-tap on the centre of the Loxone Touch Switch will turn off all lights and music within the room. It will also reset any overrides on the heating and enable automatic shading. 
  • Goodnight Mode: 
    • Put the house to sleep with a triple tap on the bedroom switch;
      • turn off all lights and music
      • cancel heating overrides for all heating zones
      • Set the perimeter burglar alarm
      • Close all shades in the house
      • Check and lock all doors, gates, and garages.
    • Motion sensors within bedrooms will be disabled to prevent unwanted lighting during the night.
      • Should a motion sensor detect movement, lights will come on in night mode and guide you to the toilet.

Good Morning Mode: 

When the alarm clock goes off in the morning, both the house and yourself know it’s time to get up. The house will return to normal motion detection and automated lighting. The perimeter alarm will switch off. 

Leaving House: 

Leave the house in complete confidence that everything will shut down, the security alarms will set. All by simply triple tapping the switch next to the front door.

Away Mode: 

Away Mode can be enabled when leaving the house for a prolonged period:

  • All heating zones into Frost Protection Mode
  • Timed lights randomly turning lights on in areas of the house facing public areas i.e streets between dusk and 11PM 

Panic Alarm: 

In a panic situation, a Touch Switch can be pressed for four seconds. This will raise all blinds and flash the lights throughout the house for two minutes. Warning sirens are not activated so that any noise in the house can still be heard. This could be used for instance if you were woken up in the night by unusual sounds. 

Arriving Home: 

When returning home you can use your key fob or pin code to unlock your house. Your home will switch to welcome home mode.

More information:

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Internorm specialists or our Loxone certified partner, Visual Control Systems.