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Sunflex Sliding doors


Our sliding doors are available in a choice of sightlines:

SVG 20mm

SVG 30mm

What makes our Sunflex doors THE choice in aluminium sliding door systems?

Sunflex manufacture premium sliding door systems that are perfect for larger openings, extensions, renovations and new builds. For more than 20 years, their systems have been designed to maximise the amount of glass in the door and create a seamless flow between the inside and outside.

Our SVG range of large scale sliding doors all incorporates versatility, aesthetic appeal, reliability and independently accredited security, whatever the size or configuration of door you choose.

20mm and 30mm sightlines

Designed with incredibly narrow 20mm or 30mm sightlines, the new SUNFLEX UK SVG20 or SVG30 is capable of creating an almost seamless wall of glass. It is ideal for breaking down the boundaries between inside and out, whilst filling the rooms full of light.

The SVG20 and SVG30 can be custom made in an almost unlimited range of configurations to fit openings from just 1.8m up to 24m wide. The advanced design means the doors can have thin frames, without the requirement for external reinforcing. The attention to detail extends to the operation of the doors as well, with the doors providing effortless operation even at the maximum panel width of 3m wide.

Key Features

  • Incredibly narrow 20mm or 300mm intermediate frames between glass provide maximise light and provide a stylish appearance.
  • Versatile panel widths from 800mm to 3 metres wide and up to 2.8m high (depending on panel width).
  • Quality assured to prestigious BSI Kitemark™ standards.
  • PAS 24: 2016 and Secured by Design™ security accreditations.
  • Flush stacking allowing each panel to stack neatly behind the neighbouring frame.
  • Impressive thermal efficiency with LI-values from just 1.2W/m2K.

Sliding Doors Corner Opener

Created with an integrated corner post, our floating corner sliding doors can be slid back to create a completely open corner. This allows your home to connect with your garden in a seamless flow.

Designed to utilise either the SVG20 or SVG30, the open corner sliding door systems create stunning panoramic views and adds a jaw-dropping feature to any project.

  • Choose from the SVG20 (20mm sightlines) or SVG30 (30mm sightlines).
  • Integrated moveable corner post with full-height locking bar creates stunning appearance when open whilst securing the doors when closed.
  • Can be designed to incorporate pocket sliding door functionality or Art Deco-inspired heritage design.

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