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Solarlux Cero

Solarlux Cero

by Solarlux

A large slim-line aluminium sliding door like no other.


German engineered, minimalist in design. Each of Solarlux Cero glass panels can be up to 15 square meters with only a 34mm sightline, giving you unprecedented views and flooding your home with light.

Our Solarlux ultra-slim sliding door combines the strength of aluminium with precision engineering to create a breath-taking functional piece of modern art from floor to ceiling.

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    To ensure the movement of these (up to) 15sqm doors is effortless, they are built with 4 carriers per panel – each carrier contains a pair of wheels with encapsulated and self-lubricating ball bearings. Each slide with ease on a stainless steel track. To maintain the sleek minimal look, each carrier is concealed within the bottom panel profile.

    Enjoy your view in widescreen with a sightline of only 34mm and concealed aluminium frames that fit perfectly into the floor, walls and ceiling. Whether you require large-scale fixed windows or moveable panels, Cero by Solarlux combines architecture, design and technology, like no other.

    The panel frame is 72mm, with a glass thickness of a maximum of 54mm. The surrounding frame is 91mm (for a single runner), 197mm (for a two runner) and 303mm for a three-runner.


    No Metal to Metal Contact

    The system interlock design of 4 layers of soft gaskets allows for a soft closing of the panels. Transparent bumpers on the top and bottom vertical stile allow for a soft opening process.


    Design your door your way with our range of colours, styles and much more. The Solarlux Cero sliding door can be configured to be fixed, open-corner or sliding, so let your imagination and creativity free.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Nothing is too much trouble with Solarlux Cero. Each sliding door can be easily opened and closed thanks to the optional motorised control system. Simply press a button and leave the door to gently glide open on its own.


    Multipoint Tamper-Resistant System

    There’s no need to worry about security either. Our triple glazed patio doors can be optionally certified to security class RC2 or RC3 / Secure by Design. Additionally, Solarlux Cero can be equipped with special glass and be integrated into an existing alarm system. The use of an intruder alarm sensor that activates when the glass breaks is also possible.


    Our slim-line aluminium sliding doors combine beautiful aesthetics with flawless engineering. The triple track sliding door integrates glass rebate ventilation enabling the venting of the window edge and controlled drainage.

    This design is the first to meet the statutory requirements for glass rebate ventilation and drainage. The stainless-steel rollers are integrated into the sash profile and protected from dirt by cleaning brushes. This lets the moveable panels stay soft and light.


    Solarlux achieves exceptional levels of thermal efficiency with class-leading Uw values as low as 0.79 (depending on chosen specification). Class 4 air impermeability.


    The CERO won an Iconic Award (Best of Best) (2015), the prestigious iF Gold Award (2015) and a German Design Award (2016) in the category ‘Building and Elements’.

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    To find out more or see the product yourself, we invite you to join us at our Banbury showroom

    Solarlux Cero

    Aluminium sliding door

    Moveable Corners

    You’re only restricted by your imagination. With unrestricted design choice through different combinations of fixed, sliding elements and open corner solutions, there are endless custom made solutions for doorways and apertures.


    Door profiles are almost entirely amalgamated within the CERO frame using brush seals and sealing lips. The flush integration of the window frame in the wall, ceiling and ground provides a seamless appearance between all facades. The filigree profiles enhance the slim and delicate design for maximum visual appearance and transparency.

    Thermal Insulation

    Together with the threshold, all Solarlux doors are thermally broken on the whole system. The class-leading U-values are provided on the whole unit, not just the door panels so that you know exactly what you are getting.


    Solarlux take security very seriously, and all models are tested to the rigorous European RC2 standard.

    Why Solarlux?

    Cero is made by Solarlux, a German manufacturer of precision, high performance architectural glazed doors. Each of their doors is constructed in Germany, complete with frame, doors, glazing and ironmongery, ready-hung for installation. Each door is custom-made to your size and requirements.

    Each door is independently tested to 1200PA (approximately 100 mph) and remain water-tight beyond that.

    Solarlux GmbH is one of the world’s leading suppliers of folding glass doors. For nearly 30 years, this family-run company have developed, manufactured and distributed high-performance glazing solutions for both residential and commercial projects.

    Solarlux truly do have the ‘Made in Germany’ stamp on their products. With the state-of-the-art production facilities, they have 250 members of staff ensuring every order is produced on time and to order.

    Solarlux Cero
    • Thermal insulation (in W/m2K)


    • Security


    Technical Specifications

    Technical Specification
    Thin sightline 34mm
    Up to 15 square meters per panel yes
    Single track frame 91mm
    Double track frame 197mm
    Triple track frame 303mm
    Pressure tested to 1200PA yes
    Security certified RC3
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