Choose your design style

Home Soft

Feels friendly and cosy, it offers many design varieties – from elegant to playful. An almost countless selection of window shapes.

Home Pure

Meets the demands of a modern and straight-lined style designing bright, light-flooded living environments.


Classic shapes and the traditional design of the ambiente windows characterise the architecture of your building.


Clear shapes and diminished appearance of studio windows fit perfectly with the architecture of your building.

Internorm Window Types

As an Internorm 1st Window Partner, our range includes the best performing thermally efficient windows on the market that are beautifully made and engineered to your specifications. Each product is available in a choice of three materials, allowing your customise your windows to your home:


Internorm Timber Aluminium Window

Timber Aluminium

Internorm uPVC aluminium

uPVC Aluminium

Internorm uPVC


Internorm also benefits from the following key features:

  • Passive House
  • Triple glazing
  • Thermally broken windows
  • Integrated blinds – controlled via remote and iPad.
  • Noise Reduction
  • In-frame ventilation systems providing you with a climate controlled system whatever the weather.


PassivHaus or Passive House

A passive house provides consistent, comfortable temperatures throughout the year, without using conventional heating or air conditioning systems. Using the existing temperature provided via solar radiation through the windows as well as the heat from appliances and inhabitants is sufficient.

The required heating energy for a passive house is only 10% of that needed for a conventional house. These extraordinary savings are rooted in the two basic principles of minimising thermal loss and optimising thermal gain.

Importance of windows

The window in a passive house plays a prominent role in two ways – firstly, the heat loss despite large glass surfaces can be reduced and secondly, windows increase the possibility for heat gain through solar energy. Internorm‘s highly thermally insulated windows do this exceptionally well: thermal insulation glazing as used in passive houses achieves Ug values of up to 0.4 W/m2K.

  • Essential principles for the construction of passive house windows:
  • Highly thermally insulated glazing
  • Highly thermally insulated frame
  • Thermally optimised edge seal
Internorm Design


For over eight decades, Internorm have gained a reputation for their iconic design and their products ability to integrate with almost any architectural styles, whether it be classic, contemporary or minimalistic.

Though their Studio, Home Pure, Home Soft and Ambiente ranges, Internorm’s windows offer both frameless and classic styles. When combined with their premium materials, including timber, aluminium and UPVC, this leaves you with a solution that matches you and your home perfectly.

Your ability to get a truly bespoke window does not end there, however. Internorm also offer many different styles of handles. What’s more, Cherwell and Internorm have come together to also offer a vast array of colour options for both the inside and outside view of your Internorm windows.


Through their innovative I-tec glazing, Internorm windows offer maximum thermal and noise insulation throughout the year. When combined with all round fitted glass panes, which leave as fewer gapes as possible between your glazing and window frames, you can be assured of a warm and efficient home wherever you live.

Internorm’s aluminium and UPVC windows also feature I-tec insulation, which introduces granular insulation to the chambers throughout the window frames to offer gapless insulation. This helps towards stopping any unnecessary loss of heat through the metal frame of your windows.

Internorm Insulation
Internorm Security


To keep your family and home secure, Internorm have integrated patented I-tec locking technology into each of their aluminium and UPVC windows. Through this technology, you can enjoy RC2 level security that is almost entirely integrated within your frame, making it easy to clean and considerably sturdier.

When combined with their I-tec core, which uses several high-quality timber layers to offer a sturdy and resilient frame, your property is in safe hands with Internorm. Lastly, their I-tec glazing’s fix-o-round technology ensures no spaces exist between the glass pane and window frames.

Smart Technology and Shading

With patented I-tec SmartWindows integrated into your windows, you can indulge in the most technologically advanced windows available on the market today through Internorm’s free smartphone and tablet application.

I-tec SmartWindows work with your newly installed windows to allow for convenient opening and closing of individual windows throughout your home. Should your windows feature Internom’s I-tec shading, which uses a self-sufficient built in motor, you can use the I-tec SmartWindows to open your blinds or automate them through the detection of daylight.

All pictures: Internorm