Choose your design style

Home Soft

Feels friendly and cosy, it offers many design varieties – from elegant to playful. An almost countless selection of window shapes.

Home Pure

Meets the demands of a modern and straight-lined style designing bright, light-flooded living environments.


Classic shapes and the traditional design of the ambiente windows characterise the architecture of your building.


Clear shapes and diminished appearance of studio windows fit perfectly with the architecture of your building.

Internorm is a high-end Austrian Windows and Doors manufacturer that produces and ships around 5,500 products worldwide every day. They have a range of different door types that sit within the four different design styles


Internorm Door Types

Each of the door types are custom made to your specification, allowing you to choose the material and look and feel that suits you:

Standard Entrance Doors

Internorm Timber Aluminium HF210

Timber Aluminium HF210

Internorm Timber Aluminium HF310

Timber Aluminium HF310

Internorm uPVC Aluminium KF200

uPVC Aluminium KF200

Internorm uPVC Aluminium KF410

uPVC Aluminium KF410

Aluminium Entrance Doors

Timber Aluminium Entrance Doors

Lift and Slide Doors

No other composite high-performance sliding door system can perform as well, whilst achieving the sizes and weights of the glass panes. Our lift and slide doors deliver incredible U values as part of our over-sized architectural solutions range. Find out more about our ‘Studio XL range’.

Internom Sliding Door HS330 Timber Aluminium

Sliding Door HS330 Timber Aluminium

The HS330 timber/aluminium door makes the borders between inside and outside disappear almost magically. It connects the inside space with the surrounding nature and creates a new awareness of space.

  • Large-scale sizes available — up to 11m wide and 3.2m high
  • Easy lifting and sliding up to 400kg, including soft close
  • Low threshold
  • Better stability due to glass fibre low threshold
  • Toughened panes
  • Fixed panel can be recessed or rendered for frameless effect.

Thermal Insulation: Best Uw value 0.73 (depending on spec)

Sound Insulation: Up to 40 dB

Internorm Sliding door KS430 uPVC Alumininium

Sliding door KS430 uPVC Alumininium

The new KS 430 door creates light-flooded rooms and enlarges your home beyond its real borders. Without any effort the large-scale elements can be opened to make even more space.

  • Large-scale sizes available — up to 6.6m x 2.8m
  • Easy lifting and sliding up to 400kg, including soft close
  • Low threshold
  • Soft/Lift as standard for easy operation.
  • Better stability due to glass fibre low threshold
  • Toughened panes
  • Fixed panel can be recessed or rendered for frameless effect.

Thermal Insulation: Best Uw  value 0.64 (depending on spec)

Sound Insulation: Up to 43 dB

Passive House or PassivHaus

A benefit to installing Internorm windows and doors is that you able to achieve Passive House status which means your house has consistent, comfortable temperatures throughout the year, without using conventional heating or air conditioning systems. Using the existing temperature provided via solar radiation through the doors as well as the heat from appliances and inhabitants is sufficient.

The required heating energy for a passive house is only 10% of that needed for a conventional house. These extraordinary savings are rooted in the two basic principles of minimising thermal loss and optimising thermal gain.

Internorm Entrance Doors

Entrance Doors

Internorm’s entrance doors feature sturdy locking and offers RC2 level security to keep you family safe. Through their multi-chamber frame and insulation, they also help keep the cold out and reduce sound by as much as 36 decibels.

Additionally, should you wish to opt for keyless entry, Internorm also provide finger print recognition to save you carrying your keys.

The doors in a passive house plays a prominent role in two ways – firstly, the heat loss despite large glass surfaces can be reduced and secondly, windows increase the possibility for heat gain through solar energy. Internorm‘s highly thermally insulated windows do this exceptionally well: thermal insulation glazing as used in passive houses achieves Ug values of up to 0.4 W/m2K.

  • Essential principles for the construction of passive house windows:
  • Highly thermally insulated glazing
  • Highly thermally insulated frame
  • Thermally optimised edge seal

Large-Scale Lift and Slide Doors

The simple addition of greater space and improved lighting can turn any room into a graceful centre point for the entire family to relax. Plus, it helps break down the barriers between the inside and outside to truly appreciate your gorgeous surroundings.

Internorm’s range of large-scale sliding doors fit seamlessly into your properties architecture with its varied styles and use of premium materials.  Plus you’ll be able to open up a room with ease thanks to the simple lift and slide mechanism developed by Internorm.

Internorm’s large-scale sliding doors also feature triple glazing, which coats the glass with a wafer-thin metal coating and features array of gasses to ensure no gaps remain between each pane of glass. When combined with Internorm’s gapless frames, this will leave you with a uniquely open living area that’s warm and safe all year round.

Internorm Large-Scale Lift and Slide Doors

Additional Benefits

Internorm also benefits from the following key features:

  • Thermally broken Doors
  • Noise Reduction
  • In-frame ventilation systems providing you with a climate controlled system whatever the weather.

As a family run businesses with decades of heritage, Cherwell and Internorm share our ongoing commitment to the quality of our products and level of service provided to each of our customers. It’s because of this that Cherwell are a proud installer of Internorm’s iconic and high-end doors, which have been developed over 85 years and adorn millions of homes throughout the world.

From concept to manufacturing, Internorm doors are crafted solely at the company’s Austrian headquarters. Their 1,800 strong team bring their expertise together to offer some of the most beautifully designed, highly insulated and incredibly secure doors available on today’s market.


Customer Projects

Internorm Design


Through their Studio, Home Pure, Home Soft and Ambiente ranges, you’ll find a door to match the contemporary, classic or minimalistic classic architecture of your home.

Internorm Insulation


Inserted under huge pressure and filling gapes throughout the frames chamber, Internorm’s insulation provides increased thermal and noise insulation all year round.

Internorm Security


Almost completed integrated to the frame of the door, sturdy locks provide RC2 level security to keep your family and property safe.

Internorm Finishes


With a huge selection of handles and colour options, you can get the perfect finish to your door and have it seamlessly match the style of your property.