Timber Entrance Doors

Timber doors emanate strength and resilience. They have a presence which radiates grace, refinement and give a naturally warm feeling, yet will secure and support your home. With an array of designs, styles and materials, your timber door will be a uniquely bespoke product, created and crafted by the finest of specialists.

Custom built for you, timber entrance doors can be manufactured to suit your exact requirements and desires, suiting any property type and its character using hardwood and Arris joints – to ensure a fuller finish.


Configure your timber door

Timber has the advantage of being able to be manipulated in such a way that other materials cannot. For this reason, Cherwell individually create each door to specifically suit the size, shape and configuration, as well the essence of your home. Working with products which offer such flexibility allow our timber entrance doors to support walls of different types and glass of varying thickness, adding the finishing touches to your door.

Efficiency and security are key elements upon selecting the features of your door. With a multi-point locking system granted, combined with the latest technologies of energy saving glass, the practical advantages of timber doors speak for themselves.

Timber finishes

Undeniably, the finish of your front door can be accompanied with fixtures and qualities to complete your home. You are able to personalise your timber door with a variety of colours, textures, wrought iron features, single or double side panels and finishes, including matte, gloss, satin or a natural looking finish.