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Timber windows in Reading

Timber windows in Reading

Product: Timber windows in Reading

Location: Reading

Colour: Farrow and Ball Hardwick White


What were you looking for?

We had the front door replaced by Cherwell a couple of years ago and were pleased with the result so decided to replace the windows to match the door

How did you hear about Cherwell Windows?

We were looking for timber windows in Reading, and heard about Cherwell, so we visited your showroom in Henley. We chatted with your sales staff, who were very helpful.

Why did you choose Cherwell Windows?

We researched the products we were looking for and found you to have a competitive price and good quality products. 

Why did you choose the timber windows?

We preferred the look of the timber windows and wanted the same colour on the outside and inside of the windows.

Would you recommend us?

Yes – we are happy with the installation and appearance of the new windows.
To find out more about timber windows, please visit our showrooms in Banbury or Beaconfield or visit this page.