5 Premium Christmas Wreaths to Leave Your Guests Amazed

Since the 16th century households around the world have adorned their entrance doors with wreaths to celebrate the approach of Christmas. Today, however, the traditional Christmas wreath crafted with foliage and roses has been superseded by a range of premium and extravagant alternatives.

In this article the Cherwell team have brought together a selection of premium wreaths appearing on the doors of homes across the United Kingdom this Christmas. They each feature unique styles certain to meet that of your home and fall into a range of price brackets.

Extra Large White Twig Wreath

wreath_001At £79.00 Cowshed Interiors’ Extra Large White Twig Wreath has high expectations to meet. Luckily, anybody hanging it from their door this festive season will not be left disappointed.

The wreath plays host to LED lights, which are spread sparingly throughout its diverse collection of white twigs. With a diameter of 70cm however, this wreath is purposely designed for those with large entrance doors. Its vivid white finish also works wonderfully on almost any door’s finish, including timber.

It is important to note that this wreath is both heavy and best kept away from the winter weather. Therefore, unless your door is protected by a porch you may be wise to consider one of the other premium Christmas wreaths featured on our list.


Red Berry Christmas Wreath

wreath_002Overflowing with bright artificial red berries and vibrant green leaves, the Red Berry Christmas Wreath from The Christmas Home is ideal for any household looking for a standout piece.

The  handmade wreath retails at £60.00 and is medium sized with a circumference of 43cm. This makes it ideal for those with smaller cottage-like doors. It is also unique in that it can sit beautifully on brighter doors, such as light blue.

The artificial red berries and twigs used by The Christmas Home when crafting this beautiful piece are able to withstand some weathering. This wreath is, however, better suited for homes with a protected entrance also.


Mistletoe Christmas Wreath

wreath_003Handmade and retailing at £50.00, the Mistletoe Christmas Wreath from The Christmas Home offers brilliant value for money.

Whilst both the mistletoe and greenery are artificial, when placed alongside the bright pearls they scream luxury and provide a natural looking finish. This luxury and natural style is furthered by its numerous layers building up to a healthy depth of 15cm.

This wreath is perfect for almost any entrance door. It works particularly well on doors featuring a light finish or crafted from light timber. It will, however, require a sturdy fitting due to its hefty weight and 40cm by 40cm height and width.



Snowball Fresh Christmas Wreath

wreath_004Featuring freshly picked gypsophilia that will change day-by-day in the run up to Christmas, the Snowball Fresh Christmas Wreath from The Flower Studio is unlike any other included on our list.

This wreath is of course able to sit on entrance doors. Although, as it will likely be effected by frosty mornings it is perfectly suited for interior doors to leave guests mesmerised as they make their way through your home. Furthermore, there are few other wreaths which provide a fresh and festive scent like this.

Retailing at £69.99 this single-use wreath is costly. Although, there is no other medium sized wreath that will leave such an impression on guests this Christmas.


Wild Hedgerow Festive Door Wreath

wreath_005Inspired by English hedgerow and packed full of foliage, roses and pine cones; the Wild Hedgerow Festive Door Wreath takes a traditional approach to the Christmas wreath. Moreover, its fresh roses can be replaced by real touch artificial roses should you wish.

Retailing at £65.00, this wreath is premium but also magnificent due to the hours spent by fully trained florists intertwining its various elements. These elements go beyond those found in most wreaths with an array of flowers also appearing.

This wreath is medium sized with a width of 30cm and hangs beautifully on doors with a darker finish or crafted from dark timber.

Have you found your premium Christmas wreath? Now match it with one of the crafted or created entrance doors featured in our brochure. These include timber and alternative-timber options, each of which are designed to meet different needs and budgets.