3 Ways Lighting Can Turn Your Garden Into a Winter Wonderland

As winter settles in and the evenings become darker, it can be easy to forgive yourself for allowing the garden to become unkept and unused. However, as the evening sun is replaced by the moon you’re presented with an opportunity to utilise both simple and more complex lighting techniques to turn your garden into a winter wonderland.

In this article our team will be sharing some simple tips on how to utilise light and revitalise your garden during the winter months, whatever its size and your budget, leaving you with a garden to welcome family and friends all year round.

1. Highlight Your Greatest Features

You’ve spent a small fortune and time placing features throughout your garden to act as focal points. These could be small plants, entire trees or large garden ornaments. Either way, to allow these features to fade into the background is a grave mistake.

Utilising up-lighting to bring attention to trees and large garden ornaments is a brilliant and simple way to add light to your garden. In the image shown below, a light carefully placed at the stump of a tree lights up the entire trunk. In doing so, the tree has become a centre point in the garden and also helps bounce lights around the rest of the garden. Up-lights, such as those used in this image can be found at most home improvement stores.

Image via mylandscapes.co.uk

When you want to bring attention to smaller features such as plants, on the other hand, down-lighting works a treat. There are some low voltage options which are both cost effective and safe. These can often be fitted to walls or fencing to shine down on plants to bring life to them at all hours, as shown in the image below.

Image via aldeas.org

When selecting lights to highlight focal points, whether it’s a large tree or small plant, remember to ensure that they can be easily concealed. Chrome lights, for example, can often stand out and therefore take the attention away from your aging tree or beautiful plants. If possible explore any cavities or small structures you could place these light fittings in, which will hide them and also help protect them from the winter weather.

2. Add a New Dimension with Water

Whether your garden has a small pond or large swimming pool, it provides you with a brilliant opportunity to cast beautiful shadows. To do this you’ll need to install some lights at either the bottom or edges of your pond or pool. These lights can have a low voltage of 9 to 10 watts and should leave you with a mesmerising view like that shown in the image below. Lights such as those shown can also be found at home improvement or specialist stores.

Image via wilsonlloydlandscaping.com

Should your pond also have a water feature, then this provides you with an even greater opportunity to lighten up your entire garden. This is as light directed at water features will bounce around the entire garden and the glimmering ripples only add to its effect.

Whilst you must be careful using lights in ponds which play host to fish, a little light will turn the pond into much more than a focal point. Instead, it will quickly become a spot in your garden for guests to gather with a glass of Malbec and watch the fish for hours on end.

3. Go Low as Well as High

If your garden features plush green grass, then you would be a fool to draw attention away from it. Instead you should utilise low lights, which are readily available at home improvement stores, that can either stand in the grass themselves or be directed at the grass. As shown in the image below this will help add some much-needed colour to stand alongside the often gloomy fences and walls that surround your garden.

Image via johncullenlighting.com

Focusing light on your grass is also the easiest and most cost effective way to spread light 360°. This is because each blade of grass will reflect and bounce light. Additionally, with the grass being made up of various tones of green it’s a brilliant way to add further character to your garden. On summer evenings it will also provide you with extra hours to appreciate the wonderful array of natural flowers which bloom throughout your lawn.

When combined, these three simple techniques will leave you with a winter wonderland and beautiful retreat following a long day at work. Should you also be looking to revitalise your home or simply protect it from the winter weather, download our brochure to find out more about our range of windows and doors.